Private Jet For Sale | The Best Guide To Buy A Private Jet

Why Should I Invest In A Personal Private Jet?

Not everyone has the privilege of flying in a private jet, the opportunity is only for very few people. Convenience is the top reason you need to make the investment. You’re a sophisticated person who knows time is money. Do you see yourself taking a flight at any hour of the day with no passenger queues slowing you down.

First class commercial flight expenses are rarely worth the service you receive. A private jet is a big investment but possibly the best decision you can make if you live a fast-paced life and enjoy the luxury a jet can offer you.

This is the moment all of that turns around

A private jet enables you to fly all over the world, at a time that suits you. It is an excellent option for business trips or a vacation with the family. Jet owners also overlook the possibility of commuting when traffic is dense or where there are no roads. You should also consider the security hazards that come with commercial flights, with your own personal jet you can avoid any risks.

This is a guide for you if you’re in the market for a private jet and would like to know more information. You’re going to learn about the types and classifications of different jets. We’ll cover the price ranges best suited for your budget needs. Within the guide you will discover a different brands to consider and how unexpected expenses to equate upon purchase.

Continue reading to empower yourself and get to your next step as a private jet owner.

The Bucks Starts Here

Let’s not get carried away without calculating the cost ahead. Owning a private jet isn’t impossible. Yet, you will need to put this transition into perspective. Doing that starts with a realistic budget. Jet ownership is no different from other investments you’ve made in life. It requires due diligence.

So your budget isn’t just what you’re capable of spending money on. You need to also factor in what it is you actually need. Not everyone needs to hold over 40 passengers. Yet if you do, you’ve found the right source of information for your purchase. Your budget is based on the needs you have first.

Let the additional specs comes as secondary. Once you’ve made up your mind about the overall of your private jet, you can set your eyes on a private range. From the spectrum of light, medium and heavy jets, your price range will expand from $3 million to $45 million.

There are many options on the market that go way beyond these price points. Just be aware that those that do are either consumed or so limited. Their limited availability are down to their being single models and made for very specific uses.

Here are a few specific you can use to gauge the features you need and are looking for. It starts with size. Size is often categorized based on the passenger capacity of any airplane. There three categories used to identify size. They are Light, Medium and Heavy. Light private jets carry roughly six to eight passengers.

There are sleek in design are a great option if finding storage space is an obstacle. Midsize is also associated with super midsize jets, and these airplane hold up to nine passengers. And this may confuse you if you’re not familiar with jets and their constructions.

Though the number of passengers between light and midsize are roughly the same, they do not have exact same measurements. Smaller jets have limited sized fuel tanks and interior space. The light to spur light models are also better suited for ranges below 2,700 miles.

Midsize not only has more “leg room,” but they’re ideal for traveling within 3,900 miles. These midsize to super midsize often are considered optimal because of their rounded performance that includes their maintained efficiency and overall comfort. We additionally have the heavy jets.

These jets are the first choice for most who do international travel. The passenger capacity of these models include up to 16 passenger cabins. The travel distance recommended for these jets are as high as 7,000 statute miles.

The spacious exterior or heaven sized jets let sleeping quarters to fit comfortable within a jet’s fuselage. Regardless of the size that best suits your travel plans and use, they all come with luxury amenities. This is the option to customize and relax while in flight.

Those features could be bathrooms, entertainment areas, a mini galley, a complete staff with pilot, stand-up cabins and in-flight catering. These are the factors you take into consideration when organizing a budget. Soon, we’ll cover the fundamental cost for size type and the popular brands you should consider.

Where You should Start and What Kind Of Private Jet You Should Take

Learning about the many models and makes is time consuming. There are a set of manufacturers who’ve proven themselves in the market though. One of the first privates jets took flight in 1963. There have been a number of upgrades, remodeling and lessons learned since then.

But those advancements doesn’t let making a simple choice come easy. That’s why we’re presenting you with a private jet options you can rely on. These names and brand have satisfied the private jet market and continue to make positive headlines. Owning a jet is a big responsibility.

It requires a team of workers and storage. For these reasons, we’ve compiled the fundamental options you have that are sure to do the job.

Cessna Citation XLS

The Cessna Citation XLS is a force to be reckoned with. This business jet was first introduced in 1996. It continue to be produced with ongoing enhancement and upgrades. This plane is often a turbofan-powered plane. It can seat up to 10 passengers and has a spacious cabin. It also only requires a crew of two.

This plane has earned a FAA certification and back in the year 1998. The Cessna Citation XLS has a wingspan of 56 ft., it’s overall length is 52 ft., and it has a maximum weight capacity of 20,000 pounds.

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Gulfstream G650

The Gulfstream G650 is another great business jet. But this one is created by Gulfstream Aerospace. It was released to the public in 2009 and continues to innovate and grow in the market. This private jets came from an earlier by by Gulfstream Aerospace. It now carried up to 18 passengers with impressive speed.

The jet reached validities of roughly Mach .925. This model has been the winner of numerous awards including the Collier Trophy. The Gulfstream G650 is equipped with a complete kitchen. It has a bar, wireless Internet modules, satellite telephones if need be and setups for advanced entertainment features.

The G650 is propelled by two of Rolls Royce’s BR725 engines. The construction size of this plane makes it great at landing on small runways. The 6 plus feet tall cabin enables people of all shapes and sizes to feel comfortable during a flight.

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Bombardier Global 5000

There are three variants to the Bombardier Global Express. This is a private jet that originates from Canada. Its manufacturer is Bombardier Aerospace, and the model was first released in October 1996. This unique aircraft has even been remodel to use for military purposes and by the United States Air Force.

The two BMW Rolls Royce BR710 turbofans engines give this jet impressive thrust and speed. The Global 5000 holds up to 19 passengers and cruises at roughly Mach 0.89. The flight crew has a rest area in it, and onboard are a galley and two private bathrooms. Its interior is spacious and overall flight is reliable.

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But How Do You Value The Price Of A Private Jet?

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And this can be true about purchasing a private jet. But you’ll only need to be specific about models you buy that are used. The private jet industry is strong in today’s society as people seek to own their own plane. A new jet will be priced at its fair, market rate.

But when buying a used plane, your negotiation is based on a few known factors. Those factors are the age of the jet, its size, condition, flight hours, brand, maintenance history and construction year. These the price ranges you can expect when shopping for your ideal purchase:

Light private jet
$3 to $8 million

Medium private jet
$8 to $16 million

Heavy private jet
$16 to $45 million

Welcome To The Private Jet Club

But there are more costs to consider. They include costs of owning a private jet: annual insurance premium, hangar Space, maintenance, salaries and benefits for crew; landing fees, handling fees and even navigation fees; catering and fuel. Be sure to consider everything in this guide once you’re ready to buy.

Keep in my all the things you really want because they are possible. But be sure to keep the overall cost in mind because buying isn’t the only time you’ll spend money. And above all else, enjoy the luxury of owning your own private jet. The pleasure that await are worth the time, effort and money spent.